Hygiene in Healthcare 


Alcoliquid is a hydroalcoholic sanitizer liquid - over 70% alcohol. Authorized for use during the Coronavirus Covid-19 outbreak.

Alcoliquid is a disinfectant cleaning solution to reduce the risk of infection and spread of viruses and bacteria. Use pure by spray or cloth on surfaces to treat, rub for 15 to 30 seconds. No need to rinse.

It can also be used as a hand sanitizer to prevent the spread of infection. 


Mop Squeegee 

  • PREMIUM QUALITY CLEAIING SET – Our high quality cleaning kit contains everything you need to get your floor or window sparking clean in no time.

  • TELESCOPIC POLE – The 130cm telescopic pole allows you to reach the top of the most windows without the need for a chair or ladder. Extra wide cleaning heads make going to work on large windows really easy and simple.

  • FRESH LOOKING FLOOR OR WINDOWS – Specially designed squeegee head removes any excess water, leaving you with a perfect streak-free finish.

  • DOUBLE HEAD DESIGN – A fine fibre mop head for cleaning your windows and a second rubber squeegee for water removal, removal pads machine washable at 30°c.

  • KIT INCLUDES – 130cm Telescopic handle, 1 extra wide mop head, 1 spare washable mop head cover and 1 extra wide squeegee head.

Telescopic mopping.png

Floor scrubber and dryer

The SWM50E is a real racehorse among scrubber-dryers. With its large washing brush, it quickly cleans almost any floor surface without any problems and is also cordless thanks to integrated batteries. This enables a very high manoeuvrability, in different rooms. Highly effective at keeping hospitals, clinics and nursing homes clean. 

Mopping and drying machine.jpg

Cleaning cloth 

  • MICROFIBRE CLOTHS - Choice of 10, 20, 30, 40 or 50 cloths

  • HIGH QUALITY - These microfiber cloths are made from high quality materials meaning that you can use them for almost any job

  • MULTI-PURPOSE - The multi-purpose cloths come 10 in a pack in assorted colours - the picture is for illustration purposes and colours may vary

  • SIZE - Size of each cloth approx. 30 x 30 cm

Microfibre cloth.png

Cleaning set

Prepare for an all-round deep clean with this yellow colour coded cleaning kit from Jantex, including powerful cleaning formulas and hard wearing cleaning equipment for long lasting, professional results. This kit contains all you need to restore your floors and hard surfaces to a brilliant shine whilst maintaining best safety practice.

Contents include: 1 x wet floor safety sign, 1 x 5 Litre lemon gel floor cleaner, 1 x 750ml glass and stainless steel cleaner, 2 x clipex handle with colour clips, 1 x yellow socket mop head, 1 x yellow soft dustpan and brush set, 1 x yellow mop bucket, 1 x 750ml glass and stainless steel cleaner, 1 x yellow grout brush head.


Sterilization for Medical Equipment

For both patients and hospital staff alike, germs must be destroyed in order to prevent the spread of infections. An important example of this is the fight against health-care-associated infections (HAIs), infections that hospital patients get as a result of their stay in the hospital. This may be due to contaminated equipment, surgical instruments, or improper staff hygiene.

Every hospital must have a battle plan to prevent the spread of HAIs. The hospital’s germ warfare strategy consists of three processes, done in the following order: cleaning, disinfection, and finally, sterilization. Let’s take a look at these one by one, going from the weakest form of killing germs (cleaning) to the most severe (sterilization).